The Science of Learning

The Science of Learning

Typically, we all start off with lofty goals but somewhere along the line we taper off and fall back into the same patterns as before.

The same thing probably happens to your child.  We’re about half done with the school year, and those exciting promises of good grades or straight A’s are forgotten.  That’s because we are human.  That doesn’t mean we have to accept it.

Experts in the science of success give the brain credit for being a goal-seeking organism.  It happens through the subconscious mind.  And yes, your kids have the same internal voice that you do.  They hear the same negatives and positives that you do, and if they have learning differences, the negatives are probably greater than the positives.

So, what do you need to do?  Children by nature are visionary creatures.  As a matter of fact, 75 to 90% of what we take in is visual in nature.  Because of this, your child not only needs to verbalize goals, but to write them down or find a picture of them.  Repetition is important as well.

It’s easy to do.  Talk to your child about a specific goal.  What does he/she want to do this year?  Have him/her write it down or find a picture of it or draw it.  More than one goal is okay, but it’s best to focus on one at a time.

Now, here’s where the work comes in.  Your child will need to visit the goal at least once a day.  You can tape it to the bathroom mirror or on a dresser…whatever works.  Just make sure that it is visited at least once a day, more if possible.  Have your child look at the goal and say it out loud.  “I am” statements are the most powerful, such as “I am going to learn to write a complete sentence by the end of the year.”  You might need to help with the goal setting and the follow-through, but always keep in mind…the brain is listening and watching.  It’s waiting to pass on the science of learning success!


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