Learning Gifts

Learning Gifts

I thought I would give you a few of our favorites learning tools at Harp Learning Institute. Even though time is limited to just one day of shopping, if you are looking for a learning game that makes an impact, following are some I would recommend to be not only fun but educational as well.

The first, of course, is Blink.  This game helps students process information more quickly and helps them categorize information.  I am always astounded by how in the beginning of coming to our centers, students struggle to process information but by playing this game, it helps them keep up with not only our program, but the rigorous pace of a classroom.  It is generally around five dollars and can be found at Walmart, Target, or other department stores.

Next, is Spot-It.  We make the rules a little different so that students are building vocabulary while increasing visual processing skills.  Instead of saying “Spot-It”, we have the students say the actual picture that is matched.  This is one of the favorites at our centers, and students gain crucial visual memory and visual discrimination skills in a fun way.  Once again, this game can usually be purchased at the same places as Blink and is around the seven dollar range.

I can’t forget Farkle, even though the kids snicker about the name.  It is an absolutely wonderful game for dyscalculia and helping students increase mental math skills.  There is little or no strategy involved in this game of dice, but the kids are exposed to working with large numbers and have to not only pick out combinations that will bring them points but total them as well.  So many times students with dyscalculia are afraid of larger numbers, and this game is perfect for helping them become more comfortable with these frightening numbers.  This game is affordable as well, around seven to ten dollars.  You can buy dice if you would like and go online to find the directions for free!

I can come up with so many more games, but the last I will share with you today is Pile-It.  This is a fast-paced categorizing game that groups of students can play.  The students pick if they want to play color, shape, or number, then go as fast as they can matching the selected category.  It is similar to Blink but has some extra components.  Students beg to play this game, however it is a little more difficult to find than the others presented. It may be too late to find it at a department store, but maybe for birthdays or next holiday season you can keep it on your wish list.



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