An Affordable Recipe for Sensory Sand

An Affordable Recipe for Sensory Sand

Kids with learning problems often have sensory issues.  A few weeks ago I wrote about our therapy sand, which kids love. We also have another kind of sensory sand that is great for getting into the “nitty gritty” of sensory issues.  This “sand” can be expensive to purchase, but here is an affordable recipe that is easy to make.  Kids can form letters, create shapes, or just enjoy the “feel” of the sand.

Sensory Sand Recipe

4 cups of play sand (you can get this at an aquarium supply store or at a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes)

2 cups of corn starch

I cup of water

Food coloring and/or glitter

Mix the all ingredients and keep sealed in an airtight container.


That’s all there is to it!  Kids of all ages can enjoy the sand.  See if you can create new and different ideas for this fun and sensory-based sand.

If you don’t want to bother with making the sand, you can get it at or other places where educational materials are sold.

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