There are so many institutions supporting sufferers of ADHD/ADD; Autism etc. and yet the devastating inability to read, write and spell, is ignored although it affects +/- 15% of the worldwide population, regardless of culture, language, age and gender. These statistics apply to South African borders as well!

Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in Dyslexia:

People suffering from Dyslexia

Parents of Dyslexics

Teachers and professionals who deal with Dyslexia

Benefits of RADA Membership

RADA offers its members the benefit of belonging to an association which is the only body that represents the specific needs of people suffering from Dyslexia, nationally

What RADA offers to people who suffer from Dyslexia and those who assist them.


Practical advice and general professional support


RADA combines all the interested parties’ input, ideas and time to work towards the common goal of protecting the rights of people who suffer from Dyslexia


The membership fees will allow RADA to create more public awareness of Dyslexia and increase the supply of supporting services


RADA aims to provide training in remedial techniques available for Dyslexia

Referral Network

RADA will provide a network of therapists who specialise in Dyslexia and related issues

Join our Membership program for great benefits!
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