Get those kids outside!

Get those kids outside!

The rains are finally slowing here in Northern California, and yesterday afternoon found me with both grandchildren and some sunshine!  It didn’t take much convincing to get Morgan and Landon outside.

First, we dug for worms and planted vegetable seeds in the garden.  For both of them, this was an excellent way to build muscles in their hands for writing skills. With each scoop of dirt in the trowel, those muscles were building up for later essays and creative stories they will write.  After assuring three-year old Morgan that the worms we dug up weren’t snakes, we decided to go to the trampoline.

As the sun kissed their faces, we played auditory games on the trampoline like Red Light, Green Light, Simon Says, and the Suitcase Game. Giggles were heard ringing through the foothills, and it made me happy that they were building neural pathways in their brains that help strengthen auditory skills.  This alone won’t fix an auditory processing problem, but it certainly helps!

In addition, with the up and down movement of the trampoline, development for the brain was being forged.  It was a win-win situation, and all too soon it was dark, mosquitoes found our flesh, and we were forced to go inside.

If you have kids who are watching television, stuck at the computer, or playing video games, take this time to get them outside (weather permitting, of course).  Even if it’s still cold where you live, there are many things to do outside.  Who knows, you might just have fun, too!

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