children's books for dyslexia

Children’s Books

Children’s books

Yes a child with Dyslexia struggles with reading, this does not mean that they should not be reading or don’t enjoy reading.

Books about children with Dyslexia. 

Fish in a tree – Lynda Mullaly Hunt

My name is Brain Brian – Jeanne Betancourt

The alphabet war: A story about Dyslexia – Diane Burton Rabb

Thank you Mr Falker – Patricia Palocco

Tom’s Special Talent – Kate Gaynor

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightning thief – Rick Riordan

Dr. Susan Brady enticed her son into reading more in the following way. She mentioned to him that she had an idea, which got him instantly interested, but also said that it was not worth mentioning since it probably wouldn’t work. They went to and fro with him begging to know and her saying it would not work until she finally gave in and spilled the beans.

“If you spent the time reading I would allow you to stay awake half an hour longer.”

That was all that was needed, the half-an-hour-longer to get him totally motivated. It worked like a charm in their home.

It is merely a suggestion, and half an hour might be a bit much for a small child, but anything to get them reading.

I know our schedules are crazy and as parents we are spread thin already, but a couple of minutes a day, just before bed time with a book is certainly time spent well. Or those dreaded minutes in the car waiting for an older child, why waste it on being bored, read, together.

Getting them to read by themselves?

Find books about their passion, whether it be horses, computers, farming, celebrities or fashion. If you are interested in what you are reading you are more likely to persist.

Hope you are inspired to get your Dyslexic child reading for fun with enjoyment as purpose.


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