More summer writing fun!

More summer writing fun!

Okay, so now that you have a few ideas to strengthen the hand muscles, it’s time to take it to the next step.  We want to start having the student write words, but we need to take that orthographic loop out of the equation, so that the student doesn’t…well…”loop”.

This is one of the biggest problems I find with students with dysgraphia.  They can’t seem to get an actual word written, because their ideas are looping so rapidly in their brain that they can’t seem to organize the situation in terms of actually getting words onto paper.

So, let’s use your words!  Take one of the steps out of the equation.  To make it even better, use a tactile substance, such as aquarium sand, shaving cream, pudding, cornstarch and water, play dough, or any other fun substance you can think of.

Go outside if weather permits and have your child squirt some water guns to warm up those muscles, then call off words that your child can write into the substance using his/her finger.  This tactile activity helps “set in” the words in the student’s brain for later recall, and makes the process of writing easier.

Once your child is strong with words, move on to simple sentences.  Just be sure that the sentences are easy enough so that your child can have a feeling of success.  At this point, don’t fuss about grammar, punctuation marks, or spelling.  You can work on this later, and these kids are usually highly sensitive about having their writing “picked” to pieces and have often just given up.

We want to make writing FUN!  So get outside, get that gooey substance, have your child write, and even better, when finished, have your child use a water gun or squirt bottle to clean up.

Pretty soon your dysgraphic child will be ready for the next step!

Happy writing,

P.S.  For a short time, I will be having the Building Blocks of Learning System available for only $49.95.  This contains around 1,200 pages of activities that will help your child overcome not only dysgraphia, but dyslexia, dyscalculia, and other learning disabilities.  This is the original version that I have sold for years with excellent success reports.

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