Math facts memorization …making it easy!

Math facts memorization - Making it easy!

Do you have a child or student who isn’t doing well in math?  Perhaps this child or student has been diagnosed with dysgraphia, dyslexia, or another learning difference. Often these kids are failing in math because they have a difficult time memorizing basic math facts.

It is important that a student knows math facts instantly, especially once multi-step problems come into play.  If the student has to stop and think about what a math fact is or even looks away to a chart or calculator, chances are that the student will lose his/her place, forgetting what the steps are or putting numbers in the wrong place.  And sadly, this often happens even when the student knows the steps to take as well as the math concept.  The student misses the problem because it is laborious to figure out what the math fact is.  And with math, the answer is either right or wrong.  If a student thinks 8 X 7 is 54 instead of 56, numerous problems will occur in other calculations too.
The greatest gift you can give a student struggling in math is the solid foundation of knowing math facts. Following are some tips and guidelines to follow when helping your child memorize these crucial math components.

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