Let’s not forget about science!

Let's not forget about science!

It never fails.  Whenever I ask a young student what his/her favorite subject is (besides recess, of course) the student almost always says science.  Rocks, mammals, plants, photosynthesis, chemistry, and especially experiments hold great value for our kids.

Sadly, science today has turned into reading a book and answering questions on a test.  Usually, these same kids who told me they love science are failing it.  That’s because their reading skills are usually low, not their ability to process information in a scientific manner.

This past weekend Morgan, my three year old granddaughter spent the weekend with me.  “Salt and pepper,” she told me, reaching for a bowl.

I knew exactly what she wanted.  We do a fun little science experiment whenever we can.  I got out a bowl and filled it with water.  Then I handed her a salt and pepper shaker.  She shook the salt.  She shook the pepper.  Then she demanded, “Soap!”  I put a squirt of dish washing soap (like Dawn) on her little finger and she dipped her finger in the middle of the bowl.  Then, she screamed with delight when the salt and pepper performed their “magic”.

This summer, take an afternoon, a minute, anything you can and find some time to do some hands on experiments with your child.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate.  Morgan has done this same experiment several times and is still delighted with it every time.  With the internet, you can quickly find some easy, fun experiments, and this will help any child with learning issues.  Most of these kids are hands on learners who are failing because they don’t get to do much that is hands on anymore.

Happy experimenting!


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P.S.  If you don’t have time to do Morgan’s salt and pepper experiment, the instant the soap hits the water, the pepper shoots to the side of the bowl.  I have no idea why!  Maybe some young scientist could tell me what is going on!

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