If I’ve Told You Once, I’ve Told You a Million Times…

If I've told you once, I've told you a million times...

I’m going to make this short and sweet, something I’ve “harped” about a lot.

This summer, please get those kids outdoors and into nature.  It is so easy to let them stay inside where it’s cool.  It’s the path of least resistance to allow your kids to use I-pads, video games, computer games, watch television, or to engage in other electronic devices hour after hour.  It’s amazing how quickly that time can fly doing this!


Yes, kids love Minecraft, the Sims, and other games like this.  Most of these computer or video games are actually beneficial as far as learning and growing intellectually goes.  The problem? Your kids aren’t outside playing, involved in gross motor skills that help connect their bodies with their brains.

Kids naturally love nature, so get them outside, and let them have a hike, climb a mountain, jump on a trampoline, swim, or roll down a hill.  Believe it or not, these activities help in brain development.

Happy hiking,


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