Help for Dysgraphia – An App I Love!

help for dysgraphia - an app I love!

 usually don’t like the thought of kids glued to Ipads or phones.  It isn’t conducive to building the body and brain through physical exercise among a host of other things that can actually interfere with proper development.

With that said, however, I allow my grandchildren to use my Ipad for short bursts of time.  I also make sure that the games are academic (for the most part).


I stumbled upon an App that I just love for dysgraphia, and Landon and Morgan love it, too.  It is called Letter School.  Although it doesn’t help the motor dysgraphia component because the finger is used instead of building the muscles for a proper pencil grip, I feel that it still warrants telling you about.

You can download a free version, but it only has capital letters, and for students with dysgraphia, those pesky lower case letters cause the most problems, so I paid $4.99 for the full version.  The kids love it, even Morgan, who is just three.  I like that it has a visual as well as an auditory component as the students trace letters.  When they feel that they can form the letter properly on their own, they get the choice to make it by themselves.  I like giving kids choices!

There is a lot more to explore on this app, and it is a building block for forming letters correctly, something kids with dysgraphia have a rough time with!  You can get this app at Itunes or (


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