Boogie into writing

Boogie into writing

I stumbled upon this wonderful tool, the Boogie Board, which has helped our students with dysgraphia in so many ways.  To begin with, the “Scribbler” version has four delightful, yellow writing utensils that, when used properly, help enforce a proper pencil grip.  Then, the fun comes in!

When writing on the Boogie Board, multi-colored magic ink appears. (This accesses the right side of the brain, which can be so helpful to students with dysgraphia). It’s difficult to explain without seeing it in action, but the pen makes a rainbow mark, which has been fascinating to our students. We have had formerly reluctant writers pick up the Boogie Board and write paragraphs, design game boards, make lists, perform difficult math equations, etc.  In general…they are writing!  The best part is that there is no persuasion needed.  For some reason, the Boogie Board appeals to these kids, and so far the “newness” of it hasn’t worn off.

Enter more magic.  With the press of a button, the print disappears.  We are taking photographs of the work our students do to record that they can indeed write, perform math equations, and do other academic work.  Who cares if it’s done with a pencil, as long as it gets done?

The inventors of the Boogie Board are geniuses in my opinion.  I haven’t done much research on this fabulous tool, but I am hoping to find a bigger version so that we can get several math problems, longer paragraphs, or other written material down without pushing the magic button and having the rainbow print disappear.

If you have a reluctant writer, I strongly recommend getting a Boogie Board.  They cost about thirty dollars.  I found ours at Staples, but I have also seen them available at Walmart and Amazon.  I will be buying more!

Happy rainbow writing,


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