Science, sensory, success!

Science, sensory, success!

’ve promised more auditory games, but I couldn’t wait to tell you about the fun Jelly Beadz I discovered.  They are fantastic for kids with learning issues, because they are full of sensory stimulation, are colorful, and just plain fun.   I had Morgan and Landon mix them up and tied science to them. We made guesses as to how big they would get, why they changed, how they changed, and which color we thought would be the biggest, smallest, or changed the most.

So…what are Jelly Beadz?  They are small, non-toxic beads that you put in water.  After about six hours, they grow into the size of a marble or larger.  The kids were wild with frenzy watching them grow and then running their hands through them.

My Two Cents

Kids love anything sensory!  They also enjoy watching and being involved with changes in materials.  It’s a mystery they love trying to solve. So many guesses took place that I thought I had a laboratory instead of a kitchen!  Chemical changes are always exciting, and I think we’ve all grown weary of volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar.  The great news?  These Jelly Beadz are cheap…three bags for around eight dollars on Amazon. I found myself diving into the bowl of Jelly Beadz along with the kids and just relaxing into the cool, marble texture.

After our science experiment, we dumped the filled Jelly Beadz into the swimming pool and made predictions on what they would look like in the morning.  We were surprised to find out the green beadz grew more than the other two colors.  The kids dove in and squealed with delight as they squished the beadz, tossed them in the air, and laughed with glee at these crazy, fun gems.

If you want something fun, affordable, and educational, you can get Jelly Beadz and come up with new, novel ideas or turn your kids loose with them.

Happy beadz,


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