Revisiting gross motor skills

Revisiting gross motor skills

Spring is here and with that, it’s a good idea to revisit the importance of motor skills and how they affect learning.  Getting kids outside or providing the opportunity to move can be a fantastic way to get the job done.  Here are some fun things you can do to help your child reinforce gross motor skills.  By doing this, fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination, and a host of other skills can more easily be accomplished.

* Have kids jump rope, play hopscotch, do cartwheels, make “snow angels” in the grass, skip, hop on one foot, or jump on a trampoline.

* Rolling down a hill is always fun, and it helps with brain development as well!

* Digging in the dirt not only strengthens arm muscles, but it helps develop muscles for writing.

* Take a trip to the park and get those kids moving.

* Dancing is always fun and helps tone core muscles.

* Get a big ball and have your child bounce on it with arms up and stomach in.

* Swinging is a fantastic way to strengthen the vestibular system.

* Get an office chair and have your child spin in it.

* Martial arts can help by having the student cross the mid-line of the body.

The list can go on and on if you think about it!  Kids naturally want to move, so turn off the television, shut off the computer, and get those kids moving.

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