Early warning signs of Dyslexia

Early warning signs of dyslexia

Speech And Language

  • Word-naming problems
  • Word mispronunciation
  • Jumbling words
  • Poor use of syntax
  • Hesitate speech
  • Needs frequent presentation of a word before being able to use it accurately and consistently

Visual Difficulties

  • Some children will be very poor at drawing, alternatively they could be the total oppersite and very good with colour.
  • They may find it difficult to sort beads by shapes
  • Have difficultly in learning to dress themselves, putting clothes on inside out and not remembering which comes first, a vest of shirt, as well as difficulty with buttons and button holes.
  • May put their shoes on the wrong foot  as well as have difficulty in learning to tie their laces
  • They struggle with turning on and off taps,  and have difficulty in turning door knobs.
  • They may find doing jigsaw puzzles or making models difficult.

Motor Skills

  • They find it difficult  to use a pair of scissors
  • They will find it difficult to trace
  • They may not be able to use a rubber effectively
  • They tend to hold a pencil awkwardly
  • Learning to do a tie will be extremely difficult

Gross Motor Skills

  • They find hopping difficult
  • They constantly bumping into people and objects
  • They have tendency to knock things over or to drop things
  • Learning to ride a bicycle can be a tortuous process
  • Setting the table may be difficult – knives and forks may be put on the wrong side
  • Learning to swim can be difficult for some children, especially the breaststroke.
  • Playground games may be difficult, especially if they involve  words such as left/right, up/down, backwards/forwards and front/behind.
  • Learning to dance may be difficult for some children.

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