A thrifty experience without screen time

A thrifty experience without screen time

Tony and I have been avid fans of the thrift store experience, even before it was popular.  We recently took Morgan on an excursion, and we will never forget it. Her eyes popped wide open as we said yes to almost everything.  For less than twenty dollars, we left with a wooden castle in excellent shape, a brand new Cinderella doll, a barely used scooter, and tons of puzzles and board games.

Morgan’s castle…a nine dollar purchase without an on/off button.  I recently read that the average teen spends nine hours a day in front of a screen of some sort.  Oh my goodness!  This scares me for many reasons.

On our thrift store outings, a new world always opens up.  I collect antique McCoy pottery, and we never fail to find a pristine piece or two for a few bucks.  Tony heads to the tools, and I’m always scouting for the grandkids and games for the centers.  The best part, of course, is getting home with our treasures.  There’s no television, no computer.  Just the rustling of packages, the discussion of the purchases, and the excitement of the “deal”.

On this trip, Morgan and I sat down and played with her castle for hours, hunting for knights and mostly princesses with long hair.  It’s still the first thing she goes for when she hits our place.  Not the Ipad or the television.

Just a castle we got for nine bucks and a vivid imagination!

To your child’s success,


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