Month: April 2021

Fun games for Maths mastery

The first step to math success is to make sure the student has a strong number sense. This is often overlooked, especially when the student is having to read, write, perform math computation, and come up with various answers all at once.

Help with Maths Computation

Do you have battles with your child over math?  Does your child do well with understanding the concepts taught but when it comes to computation, it’s a disaster?  Are your child’s math papers a mess with columns that don’t line up?

retention notices

Should you really retain?

It’s getting to be that time of year again when retention notices are sent home from schools or when parents wring their hands wondering if their children can actually take on a more difficult school year, when this one hasn’t even been mastered.

Genius Fears…

It is a brand new school year… and I could not help thinking of those thousands of kids starting it so differently.

Anxiety, fears, feelings of despondency and failure are probably some of the experiences felt by a dyslexic learner.