Month: Apr 2021

Fun games for Maths mastery

I get more requests for help with math skills than any other subject. It’s no wonder! With new expectations, math now involves both reading and writing, which penalizes a student who struggles in language arts but otherwise might succeed in math.

Boogie into writing

Boogie into writing I stumbled upon this wonderful tool, the Boogie Board, which has helped our students with dysgraphia in so many ways.  To begin with, the “Scribbler” version has four delightful, yellow writing utensils that, when used properly, help enforce a proper pencil grip.  Then, the fun comes in! When writing on the Boogie …

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Learning Gifts

I thought I would give you a few of our favorites learning tools at Harp Learning Institute. Even though time is limited to just one day of shopping, if you are looking for a learning game that makes an impact, following are some I would recommend to be not only fun but educational as well.